OneHealth Pro

Built on the OneHealth Platform and delivering customized, modifiable lifestyle research, OneHealth Pro is a tool to help guide those responsible for clinical decision making, including healthcare providers, community health professionals, and educators. Users can search, locate, and ascertain the information they need in less than a minute.

For those responsible for clinical decision making

OneHealth Pro guides faster, more accurate clinical decision making for licensed healthcare professionals, including providers, educators, community health workers, and health-focused researchers

OneHealth Pro is a web-based platform that lets users search by condition or disease, including simultaneous comorbidities, and filter by age, sex, study, and lifestyle factors, including nutrition, exercise, environment, social engagement, and stress. It then delivers a pipeline of causal, actionable results personalized for their patients.

For example:

  • A male patient, age 54, married, living in Omaha, Nebraska with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure may ask a nurse practitioner for guidance on reducing stress without negatively impacting his current treatment plan.
  • A medical school professor wants to demonstrate how curcumin affects multiple diseases for a lecture on nutraceuticals.
  • A doctor has a 23-year-old, single, female patient with comorbidities living in a rural area asking if taking chamomile can improve her cognitive abilities.


OneHealth Pro rapidly and graphically displays modifiable lifestyle factors that affect conditions, diseases, and (uniquely) comorbidities.

OHKB factors affecting T2DM


OneHealth Pro can be searched for:

  • Conditions (including comorbidities) to all factors or factor classes
  • Nutrition+ factors (nutrients, food, diets, supplements) to all conditions
  • Activity factors (physical activity and behaviors) to all conditions
  • Socio-environmental factors (social determinants and environment) to all conditions.
  • Stress and mental conditions that affect health.

OneHealth Pro can be filtered for:

  • Relation type (increase/decrease)
  • Study type (clinical study, systematic review, meta-analysis, etc.)
  • Sex
  • Age group
  • Research publication date

OneHealth Pro results are visualized with:

  • An interactive network graph
  • A sortable table of supporting statements linked to abstracts or articles
  • A graph displaying OneHealth’s proprietary strength of evidence score for the directional relationships

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