Vydiant is transforming individual wellness from an entirely new perspective

Vydiant leads the way
We are integrating the complete array of factors that affect an individual’s wellness and disease susceptibility.
Physical Condition
Mental Health
Vitamins & Supplements
Ancestry & Genetics

This holistic approach is unique
to Vydiant

Our holistic approach to health starts with the collection and analysis of large sets of data encompassing all factors known to affect the onset and treatment of diseases.

Proprietary advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, curated by human experts, extracts directional relationships among those factors to predict outcomes and make personalized recommendations to prevent and improve health.

Vydiant is making
a difference

Scientific Discovery
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Vydiant is working with globally-known companies in pharmaceuticals, food and nutrition to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.
API Connections
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We partner with smartphone app companies who target individuals with specific chronic conditions to enrich their services and improve the lives of their users.
Healthware Ecosystem
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Vydiant provides a health and wellness platform for employers and membership groups that connects to our OneHealth smartphone app to help increase employee and member wellness and loyalty, and lower medical and insurance costs.
OneHealth Mobile
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OneHealth Mobile is a personalized app for your smartphone. It mines the same extensive knowledge base that is relied on by top pharmaceutical and food companies to improve their products and services, and provides personalized recommendations to help individuals optimize their health choices.