Vydiant is transforming individual wellness from an entirely new perspective

Whole Person Health
We created the OneHealth healthware ecosystem that delivers evidence-based, whole person guidance targeted to an individual’s wellness, condition, disease susceptibility, age, sex, condition, life stage, social determinants, and environment.

Our vision is to provide a whole person approach to health and healthcare

Everything we do is about building the world’s most advanced, evidenced-based healthware ecosystem for predictive, preventive, personalized wellness.

This starts with our unique patented OneHealth® system, method, and devices. Using a combination of AI analysis, machine learning, and human expert curation, our OneHealth platform consolidates, structures and analyzes data and results extracted from vast libraries of trusted, peer-reviewed scientific, clinical, and biomedical research. It then delivers clear recommendations based on modifiable lifestyle factors known to affect health and disease, as well as managing multiple conditions at the same time.

The OneHealth platform is built for accessibility and clarity, delivering an essential resource for anyone looking to manage and improve health—for themselves, their families, their patients, or their communities.

We take a multifaceted approach to building
the most advanced healthware ecosystem

OneHealth Pro: Tools for healthcare and community health professionals, and educators, to improve health outcomes. Rapidly find and graphically display modifiable lifestyle factors (including nutrients, foods, diets, dietary supplements, physical and social activities, environment, stress) that affect conditions, diseases, and comorbidities, a feature unique to OneHealth. Available through individual and organization subscriptions.

Users: Educators and educational institutions; nutritionists, primary care physicians and other health professionals; public health organizations and community health workers.
OneHealth Explore: Tools for researchers and product developers to advance scientific discovery in pharmaceuticals, food, and nutrition. Ideal for exploring the relationships between (i) compounds, proteins, genes, and drugs, and (ii) conditions and diseases of interest.

Professional services are also available to help achieve the highest possible value from your OneHealth solutions.

Users: Academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food company researchers; educational institutions.
OneHealth Go: Tools for individuals and families to understand and improve their health and manage chronic illness, including comorbidities. Track, understand, and deliver customized evidence-based health information recommendations directly to an individual’s smartphone for health and disease management. Available through individual and organization subscriptions.

Users: Individuals, families, chronic illness-focused organizations and startups.
OneHealth APIs: API connections and tools for companies, institutions, and healthcare systems to use with their own platform or app. Link the unique OneHealth Knowledge Base to your own platform, to improve your services and enhance the breadth of information you give to your customers. Especially useful for those focused on singular chronic conditions, to inform your users how to abate the effects of comorbidities.

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