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The latest data and research on the directional relationships between predictive and modifiable lifestyle factors affecting long-term health.

Yoga and Diabetes

A randomized controlled trial concluding that “findings indicate that the diabetic yoga protocol intervention could improve the metabolic status of the high-diabetes-risk individuals.”

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Yoga and Pain Relief

OneHealth Pro finds yoga as a determinant which decreases many different types of pain, with more than 100 scientific records providing supporting evidence.

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Yoga and Stress Reduction

One of the most sought-out benefits of yoga is its ability to reduce stress and promote positive mental health, reducing the incidence of conditions such as depression and dysthymia.

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Berberine and Diabetes

Diabetes is the second most research-supported condition on which berberine has a favorable effect on, with 47 records backing the relationship found on OneHealth Pro.

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Berberine: Nature’s Ozempic or Just a Fad?

Berberine has garnered attention for its potential health benefits and therapeutic properties, especially as many tout the drug’s weight loss benefits across social media. With millions seeking natural alternatives for health management, it’s easy to see why berberine has provoked public interest.

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