OneHealth Ecosystem

OneHealth Platform

Built for accessibility and clarity using constrained large language models, machine learning, and human curation augmented by artificial intelligence. The OneHealth Platform analyzes and structures billions of data points to power healthcare products and services designed to improve health outcomes. Unique to the Platform is the ability to identify key factors for preventing disease and boosting quality of life.

OneHealth Pro

Built on the OneHealth Platform and delivering customized, modifiable lifestyle research, OneHealth Pro is a tool to help guide those responsible for clinical decision making, including healthcare providers, community health professionals, and educators. Users can search, locate, and ascertain the information they need in less than a minute.

OneHealth Explorer

Powered by the OneHealth Platform, Vydiant creates customized tools and APIs for health, pharmaceutical, and food researchers and product developers to advance scientific discovery and health outcomes.

OneHealth Go

A customizable companion mobile app platform designed to deliver customized client support with privacy-protecting, two-way data sharing and reporting while delivering personalized evidence-based health recommendations for health and disease management, or attainment of specific desired health benefits.

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