OneHealth Pro by Vydiant

No single health resource provides educators, healthcare professionals and community health workers with evidenced-based information on the many diverse lifestyle factors that affect health:

  • A patient may ask a nurse practitioner/nutritionist how to reduce stress, or the best physical activity for a given condition, or set of conditions.
  • A professor wants to identify all studies of curcumin and any disease for a lecture on nutraceuticals.
  • A patient with comorbidities heard that chamomile can help reduce pain. Is that true? Is it a good choice for that particular patient? Google lists 9,900,000 results. Which results are reliable?

OneHealth Pro rapidly and graphically displays modifiable lifestyle factors that affect conditions, diseases, and (uniquely) co-morbidities.

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Features of OneHealth Pro

The OneHealth Knowledge Base can be searched in separate tabs for

  • Conditions (including comorbidities) to all factors or factor classes
  • Nutrition+ factors (nutrients, food, diets, supplements) to all conditions
  • Activity factors (physical activity and behaviors) to all conditions
  • Socio-environmental factors (social determinants and environment) to all conditions.

and filtered by

  • Relation type (increase/decrease)
  • Study type (clinical study, systematic review, meta-analysis, etc.)
  • Sex
  • Age group
  • Publication date

The results are visualized with

  • an interactive network graph
  • a sortable table of supporting statements linked to abstracts or articles
  • a graph displaying OneHealth’s proprietary strength of evidence score for the directional relationships

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