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Yoga and Diabetes

A randomized controlled trial concluding that “findings indicate that the diabetic yoga protocol intervention could improve the metabolic status of the high-diabetes-risk individuals.”


Causes and Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes

Healthy lifestyle practices, such as eating a balanced diet, performing regular physical activity, and avoiding tobacco/alcohol, are some of the best methods to manage and prevent type 2 diabetes.


Berberine and Diabetes

Diabetes is the second most research-supported condition on which berberine has a favorable effect on, with 47 records backing the relationship found on OneHealth Pro.


How Can Coffee Help Prevent Diabetes?

A leading medical journal, The Lancet, found back in 2002 that “coffee consumption was associated with a substantially lower risk of clinical type 2 diabetes.”


Tackling Type 2 Diabetes

Faced by millions in the US alone, type 2 diabetes can often be a worrisome diagnosis with very real implications and lifestyle consequences. Here, we delve into the details of this prevalent condition, explore its causes, and uncover research-backed strategies for effective management and prevention.

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