Vydiant was founded by a group of science and business leaders experienced in biomedicine and predictive analytics, to tackle chronic diseases and unwanted health conditions confronting themselves, their families, and society as a whole.

Our vision is to provide a whole person approach to healthcare. It starts with OneHealth, the unique patented technology ecosystem we built.

OneHealth is simply the most advanced healthware ecosystem for predictive, preventive, personalized wellness. It integrates the complete array of physical, mental, nutritional, environmental, geographic, and social factors that affect an individual’s health and disease susceptibility. This holistic approach to data collection and integration is combined with proprietary algorithms, machine learning and other processes to formulate very precise conclusions on an ongoing basis.

OneHealth’s medical science-based insights as to what you can do, or avoid, to improve your health and lengthen the "quality years" of your life are accessible anywhere, anytime, and at a cost anyone can afford.

Through our social giving platform, we also donate the same access to our communities’ most vulnerable.

This is a formidable quest which others have tried, but no one ever achieved – until Vydiant.

Vydiant leads. Others will follow.

How we do this.

Our OneHealth machine reading pipeline extracts and consolidates health information from vast libraries of trusted, peer-reviewed scientific, clinical, and biomedical research, including the entire National Library of Medicine. The number of reports is immense, and growing by more than a million per year. This is way more than a human brain can integrate and analyze. The OneHealth Knowledge Base is a clear and succinct database of lifestyle factors that positively or negatively affect human health.

OneHealth also regularly integrates new (i.e., non-literature) datasets to increase the value of and improve recommendations delivered by our platform.

For a more detailed explanation of our machine reading and holistic knowledgebase.

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Meet our management
Terry Carlone, JD
35+ years of legal and business experience with blue chip firms financing, operating and selling fast-growth companies. Commercialized multiple innovative technologies, most recently spine surgery implants personalized to patient anatomy. Deep health benefits experience.
Jim Kaput, PhD
Chief Science Officer
35+ years of executive experience in business and government. Former Director of FDA's Division of Personalized Nutrition and Medicine (2007-2011) and head of Nestlé Institute of Health Science's clinical translation unit (2011-2017).
Benjamin Remington, MD
Chief Medical Officer
20+ years as neurosurgeon, hospital board member, and founder and executive of companies focused on innovative health-related software and medical technologies that improve patient outcomes. Most recently CEO of NeuroStar.
Corrado Priami, PhD
Technology Advisor
25+ years of experience in business and computational science. Founder, Chairman/CEO (2005-2017) and Chief Science Officer of The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI) (2018-2020). Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa.
Timothy Krebs, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
15+ years’ experience in financial leadership, capital raising, and corporate governance. Experienced financial executive with software and technology-based companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to entities generating $700 million in revenue. Broad experience in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions.
John Green, MIBS
Operations Manager
20+ years as executive in growing and operating technology-based companies in the financial and medical industries. Experienced in team-building, growth strategy, and operational control across national boundaries.