OneHealth Explore by Vydiant

OneHealth Explore is a web-based application for researchers and product developers to advance scientific discovery in pharmaceuticals, food, and nutrition. It is an ideal tool for exploring the relationships between (i) compounds, proteins, genes, and drugs, and (ii) conditions and diseases of interest. The information was extracted from multiple publicly available resources in addition to our machine learning extraction pipeline and analysis of causal, actionable facts from the vast biomedical literature.

We are working with companies internationally in such areas as:

Lowering Product Development Costs
Automatic Model Diagram Building
Biomarker Applications
Drug Development and Repurposing
Improving the Accuracy of Drug Prescriptions
Data Integration and Pathway Identification
Microbiome Applications
Bridging Species Applications

OneHealth Explore’s scientific approach to data collection and proprietary analysis is producing important insights into complex systems. Our Knowledge Base has a wide range of applications in discovery. Customers use OneHealth to develop new products, or reposition old products for new uses, faster and more cost effectively than their traditional methods.

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