Vydiant was founded in 2017 by a group of science and business leaders with the goal of developing the most comprehensive, accurate and advanced health prediction and maintenance capability in the world.

Our mission is to help people live healthier and longer lives.

This is our mission and we love it!

Vydiant is transforming individual wellness from an entirely new perspective. We are integrating the complete array of physical, mental, nutritional, environmental, geographic and social factors that affect an individual’s health and disease susceptibility. This holistic approach to data collection and integration is combined with proprietary algorithms, machine learning and other processes to formulate very precise conclusions on an ongoing basis.

This is a formidable quest which others have tried, but no one ever achieved – until Vydiant.
Vydiant is leading the way.

Meet our management
Terry Carlone, JD
35+ years of legal and business experience with blue chip firms financing, operating and selling fast-growth companies. Commercialized multiple innovative technologies, most recently spine surgery implants personalized to patient anatomy. Deep health benefits experience.
Jim Kaput, PhD
Chief Science Officer
35+ years of executive experience in business and government. Former Director of FDA's Division of Personalized Nutrition and Medicine (2007-2011) and head of Nestlé Institute of Health Science's clinical translation unit (2011-2017).
Corrado Priami, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
25+ years of experience in business and computational science. Founder, Chairman/CEO (2005-2017) and Chief Science Officer of The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI) (2018-2020). Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa.
Leigh White
Chief Revenue Officer
30+ years executive experience, most recently in television industry (Tribune Broadcasting), managing finance, sales and marketing operations, programming and multiplatform content production. Record of developing sales teams, growing revenue and EBITDA, building strategic alliances, and creating operational efficiencies throughout organizations.
Melissa Morine, PhD
Vice President of Data Science
10+ years of experience analyzing and interpreting diverse biological data and molecular links between diet and health. Group leader at COSBI, led and worked on projects with Nestlé, Sanofi, and other food and pharmaceutical companies.
Benjamin Remington, MD
Chief Medical Officer
20+ years as neurosurgeon and serial entrepreneur. Business focus on innovative medical technologies and software for minimally invasive surgeries to improve patient outcomes. Most recently CEO of NeuropPro Technologies, Inc.
John Green, MIBS
Chief Operations Officer
20+ years as executive in growing and operating technology-based companies in the financial and medical industries. Experienced in team-building, growth strategy, and operational control across national boundaries.