Healthware Ecosystem

Vydiant has developed the world’s most advanced healthware ecosystem for predictive, preventive, personalized wellness. We are the first to address the need for a single platform that integrates and analyzes the complete array of physical, mental, social, and environmental factors, and drug use that affect an individual’s health.

Vydiant’s OneHealth platform extracts, organizes, and analyzes large sets of previously unconnected multi-scalar data encompassing factors known to affect the onset and treatment of chronic diseases, as well as the complex interaction of co-morbidities that occur in the real world. When combined with individuals’ personal data, OneHealth helps sculpt guidance for individuals to avoid and abate effects of unwanted health conditions specific to that individual’s unique circumstances and continuously updated life data. The OneHealth knowledge base forms the foundation for healthware tools that can be targeted to specific markets and needs.

The result is a reliable, science-based tool to:

  • Predict outcomes with state-of-medical-knowledge certainty
  • Make preventive recommendations that help avoid and abate the effects of unwanted health conditions
  • Personalized to each individual’s unique circumstances and continuously updated life data

Vydiant OneHealth delivers a wellness program for employers and can assist in the ongoing management for individuals.

Smartphone app for each employee
Personalized, ongoing recommendations tailored to each employee’s holistic health profile
Trusted business associate for protecting health information
Tools to help employers lower medical costs and improve employee health
Ongoing recommendations customized to individual users or customized subgroups
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